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hanks again"

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Dealer with 80 cars

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Dealer with 25 cars

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Dealer with 20 cars

"I feel I have no option but congratulate you, (that is if you are the boss). I have owned and run many businesses over the years and absolutely love to see a business well run, and organised. It does not matter what the business is, a simple sandwich bar or manufacturing business with 100's of workers. If it is well run, I could just sit back and watch it all day long. From the moment I first looked at your site, I found the whole experience a dream. So easy to operate, (obviously very well thought out). I checked the site yesterday evening and was amazed to see that you had the photo in. I had visions, as with lots of other companies that I would be on the phone shouting ( that is if I could even get someone to shout at) and nothing ever happening. Simplicity in my opinion is quite often the answer to success and I believe that usedcarsni.com will achieve the latter in abundance, and quite deservedly so.  Good Luck"

"Polly Pocket website is slowww, CBeebies website is slowww. Everything's slow except Used Cars NI."
Laura, aged 5.