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Quite simply, SCRAP!
(13th December 2011) 2004 MG ZR+ by BEWARE!!
The biggest load of rubbish Iíve ever owned! If I could, Iíd be giving my car 0 stars! The day I picked it up (brand new with 20 miles on the clock!) from Donnelly Bros in Dungannon I went to Belfast for a days shopping, got to Castle Court carpark and the driver side electric window packed up! Up until last November it has cost me a clean fortune. The air mass sensor was next to go, car struggled to start all the time then I had to rev the life out of it just so it wouldnít stall. Then the door locks gave way soon followed by the bootlid which refused to close one day in Banbridge, I had to tie it down using the plastic bags my shopping WAS in. A few other problems have crept up in the 6 years I owned it, the clutch flywheel needed done just before I sold it with 87k on the clock too. Build quality was non existant, 2 words that should never be used in the same sentence as MG ZR (apart from there lol). The glove box fell off after I hit a pothole one day and the dashboard had collapsed on the passenger side. On other occasions I had to try fish the row of buttons above the heater controls from down the back of the dashboard since I pushed the warning triangle button and they went through the dash. My friend got into the passenger side one day and pulled the door handle, the whole door card end up coming off in his hand! On the plus side it does stick to the road pretty well, but on a rough suspension you are bouncing on the seats due to the really hard suspension. And its not just my car, look at the WhatCar owners reviews for the ZR, youíll have a right laugh!!
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