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C250 Diesel (NON TURBO)
(24th September 2014) 1994 Mercedes C-Class Diesel Manual Sedan by Ryan McA
What a car! Had this motor in 2012 for about 4 months. She had moon shuttle mileague, over 200K and drove like a dream literally. Started to give bother and was air locking and cutting out diesel. Every time I cleared the air she went great for 10+ miles then done it again. Too old to put the money into so let her go but a testament to Mercedes quality. Reliable big bus when running well. Car was 18 going on 19 when I had it so she definately done her time and probably over again. Alreay planning/saving for a newer Benz. BMW/Audis etc are great motors too but the Mercs just ooze of quality and sophistication!
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