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Seat Leon 1.9TDI 90BHP
2001 Seat Leon Diesel Manual Hatchback by andy • 9th February 2012
I bought a 2001 seat leon 1.9tdi 90bhp in sept 2011 and sold it in dec 2011. Ill start with the good points, the engine, gearbox, turbo were all 100% the power from a 90BHP is very good and great on the motorway and was averaging 55mpg, the boot is very big which is good for family, and its a comfortable car. The bad points were I had to replace the control boxes in the driver and passenger because when I locked the car about 10 secs later it would unlock itself and let the 4 windows go down in rain or shine doors which cost 200 each, the main dealers have very bad service, the lights in the dash and clocks kept flickering which my mechanic told me is the alternator and is expensive to fix, and the seals around the doors were gone so any time it rained water got in through all doors apart from the boot and my friend had leon on too so its a common problem. So my advice would be check the floors for wet carpets, and make sure it has none of thses problems. I had a toyota corolla before this car and it never gave me any trouble so I went back to one.
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