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2006 Vauxhall Signum Diesel Manual 6 speed Luxury/Exec by Azzymo • 5th January 2012
For some strange reason I'd always wanted a Signum. Maybe it was due to having the useability of a Vectra in a rather rare shell. Very few of these about. Rarer still was I kept an eye out for an Elite, top spec. Why settle for anything less? The Signum had it all, spaces in bucket loads, full leather, heated seats, adjustable boot/rear passenger space, great stereo, Sat nav, you name it, it had it. Well all apart from reliability.

Seemingly the worst engine in the Vauxhall range is the 150cdti, which was what I had under the bonnet. I could bore you with all (alot!) that went wrong in just over 4 weeks of ownership but I shant. Suffice to say it limped back to the dealership as I realised that you should never buy your (realistic) dream car. My wife was rather pleased though as she hated the size of the thing, which I actually enjoyed. It's quite a bus. It's a very comfortable place to be when it's going and is rather quick for a big girl but was rather thirsty. The boot space was incredible plus I had intended to purchase the fridge unit which fits inbetween the two rear seats, yes, a fridge in your car. This car really had all of Vauxhalls ideas put into one car and it was nice but with high running costs and drastically bad relability I was glad to get my old car back and get my money back too. Unfortunately the more I researched the issues I came across, I found I was not the only one facing hefty repair bills for a diesel Vauxhall. The Signum was refreshing different and affordable to buy but some things are just too good to be true.
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