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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selling your beloved vehicle can be a daunting task, but with our dedicated platform (and local support team), we make it easy and efficient.

We update every car & van listing with market-leading data, including features, added options, technical specifications and a history check making your listing as attractive as possible to buyers.

Absolutely! Used Cars NI is committed to helping you price your vehicle accurately, ensuring you attract potential buyers and receive a fair return.

When you list your car on our platform, we go the extra mile by conducting an independent valuation using real-time market data. This valuation provides you with a guide price, giving you a solid starting point for determining the value of your vehicle. We understand that the condition of your car and any upgrades you've made can also influence its worth. So, it's important to consider these factors when setting your asking price.

With over 20,000 vehicles on the site at any one time, it is important to make sure your ad stands out and is clicked on by as many people as possible to generate sales enquiries. Follow the tips below to make sure that your listing is as effective as it can possibly be.

Clean your car
It sounds simple, but a better-presented car will sell quicker. As well as giving the outside a wash, make sure you tidy and clean the inside too.

Upload good quality photos
People are much more likely to click into your listing if you upload photos of your car. The ads which generate the best responses are usually those accompanied by at least 5 photos.

Here are some tips for taking good quality photographs:

  • Take your photographs outside on a bright, dry, but not too sunny day.
  • Take the photos in landscape format
  • Think about your background - something fairly plain (e.g. a wall, empty car park or empty driveway) works best
  • Keep your camera steady and straight.
  • For exterior shots, position your car in the centre of the frame, with a bit of space around it.
  • If you have any features you wish to highlight, take close-up shots of those.
  • Take some interior shots too - show the dashboard, upholstery, and a picture of the odometer reading.
  • Take pictures of any damage, be honest!

Make sure your car is at the right price
It isn't very often that most people sell their car, and therefore sometimes we have unrealistic ideas of what it is worth. We will provide you with a valuation and the prices of some similar vehicles, but it is a good idea to use the site to search for cars similar to the one that you are selling, compare prices, and choose a price somewhere in the same region that you would be happy to accept. It is worth bearing in mind that similar cars being sold by a dealer as opposed to a private seller will always be priced slightly higher, as they are normally sold with a warranty that a private seller wouldn't provide.

Describe your vehicle in as much detail as possible
If there are features that your car has that makes it stand out from others, or seem like better value - let everyone know! If your car has a full service history, been recently MOT'd or Taxed, low mileage for its age, had one owner from new, or has the latest sound system installed, make sure to include this in the "description" box.

Make sure that you supply valid telephone numbers
One of the most frequent calls we get here at Used Cars NI, is to let us know that the telephone number supplied by a seller is not valid. People are much more likely to pick up the telephone and call than send an email through the site. It is best to supply a landline number and a mobile phone number to make sure that you don't miss any of those all-important sales calls. Most people in the market to buy a car will make a purchase within 5 days of first enquiry, so if you can't take a call, try your best to respond to any messages left as soon as possible.

A buyer will want you to be able to prove the history of the vehicle that you're selling, so it's a good idea to find any certificates, books and receipts associated with the vehicle. At a minimum you should have:

  • V5C Registration document
  • Current MOT Certificate (if the car is more than 3 years old).

Ideally, you'll also have the service logbook, complete with any associated receipts and documentation.

When completing the sale, you'll need to carry out a few steps to keep everything right.

  1. Create a written receipt. The AA provide one you can download and print off. Give a copy to the buyer, and keep a copy for yourself.
  2. You and the buyer will need to complete the "New Keeper" section of the V5C logbook and sign the declaration. The buyer will keep the V5C/2 section until their new V5C arrives.
  3. Notify the DVLA of the change of ownership. This can now be completed online.

No, it is illegal to sell a car with outstanding finance. Until the finance is fully paid, the vehicle remains property of the finance company.

If you want to sell a vehicle with outstanding finance, you will have to settle the balance with your finance company first.

In some rare cases, fraudsters and scammers will target private sellers on the site. The following tips may help you know what to look for and stay safe while interacting online -

  1. Be aware for enquiries coming from outside the island of Ireland or are asked to ship the car overseas. In most circumstances it would not make financial sense to do this can be a tell-tale sign of fraud.
  2. If the buyer does not want to view the car in person, be cautious. If the person is moving to Northern Ireland or they are a verifiable trade seller, there may be reasons to do this, but most people will want to view that car.
  3. If the buyer is asking about features or information already present in the advert, e.g. selling price or pictures, this can be a sign of a fraud attempt.
  4. If you are offered a cheque as payment – especially if the cheque is for more than the asking price. Avoid cheques if possible, and never enter into an agreement where the cheque is for more than the asking price of the vehicle.
  5. Try to contact the buyer via landline. The number should be within Ireland. Fraudsters usually won’t provide a landline number or won’t answer a mobile.

Please remain vigilant with each interaction you have. This information is for advice only and Used Cars NI Ltd can take no responsibility for any transactions between buyers and sellers of vehicles on the Used Cars NI website.