2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 60th Anniversary
2001 Jeep Cherokee Petrol Automatic 4x4 by The Cherokee • 6th November 2013
I absolutely love this old Jeep. This is my third Cherokee and I adore their lumpy, punchy and thirsty 4.0 engine as well as their rugged charm.
It's no S Class to drive but their rather basic 1980s engineering is what makes it so enjoyable to drive. It's boxy body and straight lines are just so retro and is what Jeep Heads love about them.
Inside, well it's funky American plastic all round and the leather is comfortable and hard wearing. The Limited, Orvis and 60th Anniversary models all come very well equipped with plenty of extras inside and out.

If I was able to criticise this Jeep in any way be careful in the the wet/ice when in 2 wheel drive, it slides out very easily as there is so much power however it will pull anything you need it to but at a cost as even when not towing it loves the stuff. I average around 17mpg but it's worth every penny because every time I get behind the wheel, I smile!!!

In 4 words: ICONIC, RETRO & GREAT FUN !!!
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