Decent daily but never a love story
2003 Vauxhall Astra Diesel Manual Hatchback by Azzymo • 8th August 2014
Having driven a 03 1.7dti Astra for around 4 years I can look back and say that compared to most modern stuff I've owned the Astra was a good servant. Sure it is bland and gutless and no one will ever compliment you on your choice of car but on the other hand it will be dependable and functional. My model was the LS 5dr. There weren't that many toys, I think electric front windows were about as flash as it got. The only biggish thing to go on the car was the alternator, costing around 200 to put right. Everything else was straight forward wear and tear and servicing. The diesel engine is dead as a dodo but as it doesn't have a turbo you don't have a fear of an impending wallet bursting bill. MPG was decent, mostly early 50's. I don't think I'll ever look back and remember those Astra days as the best driving times in my life but they were some of the most trouble free. Don't start me on the modern Vauxhall diesels though..
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